21 Life Hacks for Girls

by Kaylee Hanzich

I give full image credit to Pinterest along with all of these ideas.

We girls all go through life with mild inconveniences but little does anyone know that life has provided us with hidden hacks to make everything easier. All of these ideas come from Pinterest. I do not own any of them. I just wish to spread them and make my fellow female lives easy as can be.

 21 Life Hacks for Girls

1. Recycle an empty Tic Tac box, decorate it with nail polish or paint and use it as a bobby pin holder. This way you won’t have to repurchase bobby pins every month when they disappear.

2. Use your flat iron to quickly iron out any unwanted wrinkles on clothing.

3. Spray hair spray onto a spare toothbrush to tame fly-aways.

4. Put a necklace through a straw to keep the chain from getting into knots and tangling when traveling.

5. Wrap your headphones around your hand and then clip them with any clip or hair tie to keep them from tangling in your backpack or purse.

6. Apply clear nail polish on the inside of a ring to prevent the greenish stain that sometimes happens.

7. To make perfume last all day, apply a small amount of Vaseline to skin before applying perfume.

8. Reuse old candle jars for storage.

9. If your bobby pins don’t stay in place, spray hairspray on them and put them on your hair.

10. Use a business or index card to hold on your eyelid while applying mascara to avoid a mess on your eyelids.

        11. If your nail polish constantly chips, apply a base coat on the tips of your fingernails, let it dry then paint over the whole nail.

12. Before you paint your nails, go over your nails with acetone to remove any excess oil, this will make your manicure last longer.

13. Sometimes nail polish bottles are tough to open. Wrap a rubber band around the cap and open it easily.

14. If you apply Vaseline onto the mouth of a nail polish bottle with a Q-tip you will never have to worry about opening up tricky bottles.

15. If you struggle at painting your own nails, use a Q-tip and apply Elmers glue to your cuticles, let it dry then paint your nails. Once you are done peel the glue off and you have a perfect manicure.

16. Never pump your mascara tube. It lets in air, dries out the formula and makes it easier to get clumps. Instead, slowly twist it back in.

17. When you are applying mascara be sure to coat the top on your upper lashes as well. It makes a huge difference.

18. Go over your hair with a dryer sheet to prevent static.

19. You can also use a dryer sheet to remove any deodorant stains on shirts.

20. Rub your lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin for super soft lips.

21. When you blow out a candle, remember that the smoke that comes out is actually the wax. Instead, put the lid over the candle. It will burn out immediately and the candle will last longer.


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