10 Clever, Cute Ways To Win Yourself A Winter Formal Date

By Kassandra Ferrer

Winter Formal is coming up. How are you going to ask your possible candidate to Winter Formal? Here are ten creative yet cliche ways to be win a date to Winter Formal:

1. “Você quer ir comigo ao baile de gala?” (“Would you like to go to prom with me?” in Portuguese) Whether the individual is familiar with the language or not, it would be really romantic if to verbally ask the individual in a foreign language.

2. Get popping at Winter Formal — Fill a room with balloons and hide yourself underneath them. Leave a note at the entrance instructing the individual to pop the balloons in order to find you. Once they have found you, ask them in a clever way such as, “Let’s get popping at Winter Formal.”

3. Ball is life — If the boy you want to ask to Winter Formal is in a sport, write your question on the ball, or sport equipment, and leave it in plain sight . Or, hand it or throw it to the individual. Just make sure the ball doesn’t get thrown back at you.

4. Have the ride of your life — If you are fearing rejection, ask the possible candidate on a roller coaster to go to Winter Formal. If the person says no, throw the person off the roller coaster. With the adrenaline exploding inside of you due to the roller coaster, the chances of the person rejecting you are very slim.

5. Just your luck — If you are great at baking, bake a small/large fortune cookie with your possible candidate’s destiny inside. The recipe to creating your specialized fortune cookie is on the following link: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/fortune-cookies-i/

6. Spark up your night — Take your date to a preview date at Disneyland or Downtown Disneyland, and pop the notorious question underneath the fireworks. If you are asking a guy, simulate the fireworks to Michael Bay explosions.

7. Food for the soul — There is absolutely no way to get rejected by bribing the candidate with food. Get his/her favorite snack, or meal, and propose the question either verbally or write it on a poster with a side of their favorite dessert.

8. Name Everywhere — Some people desire their name to be put everywhere, perhaps you should make their dream come true for a short while. Write their name on posters and place it around school or the community, and then leave a note in one of their classes with treats asking them to Winter Formal. If you don’t have a classes with him/her, leave a note, instructing him/her to meet you at a specific location.

9. #1 Fan — After the athlete’s game, you can win a date two ways: To minimize the chances of being rejected by pressuring them in front of the audience or you could save the possible public embarrassment by doing it after the game. Win or lose; the athlete will win a date to Winter Formal.

10. Keep it simple — Unlike most girls who want an extravagant proposal to Winter Formal, the majority of the boys like a simple question. Simply ask the possible candidate that simple question. If you are asking a girl, show the girl how much she is worth to you by the amount of effort you put into the proposal.

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