Just Like You


By Daniel Ross

In the first couple weeks of 2015, Falling in Reverse has already announced their upcoming album, “Just Like You” expected to be released on February 24. With Ronnie Radke on vocals, Jacky Vincent with guitar, and vocals accompanied by Derek Jones and Ryan Seaman on the drums, the band is taking a heavier stance compared to their previous album, “Fashionably Late” (2013) which displayed rap rock and pop punk.

Getting our first peak of the new album in late 2014 with “God if you are above…” many are excited to see what the band has in store for its fans. In addition to the release of the song, Epitaph Records also released “The Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)” which is a sequel in the “Guillotine” series that dates back to when Ronnie Radke was in Escape the Fate on the “Dying is your Latest Fashion” album in 2006.

Epitaph Records is releasing “Just Like You” on February 24. It can be pre-ordered at Falling in Reverse’s official site.

Songs in the new track include:

  1. “Chemical Prisoner”

  2. “God if you are above…”

  3. “Sexy Drug”

  4. “Just Like You”

  5. “The Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)”

  6. “Stay Away”

  7. “Wait and See”

  8. “The Bitter End”

  9. “My Heart’s to Blame”

  10. “Get Me Out”

  11. “Die for You”

  12. “Brother”


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