The Netflix Age


By Jocelyn You

The Netflix Age

Netflix, technology’s version of Blockbuster, boomed since its founding in 1997. The Internet has opened up an online world that was once only lived “in real life.” Netflix users who subscribe monthly are able to browse through a virtual movie rental store and watch movies whenever they want. It is a way to kill spare time, and the switch from real life to the virtual world is both impressive and concerning.  Social media users on sites like Twitter and Instagram always joke about how Netflix has taken over their lives. People will come back from holiday breaks and ask what each other did, and a common response is, “Nothing really. I watched Netflix and slept.” Dates and #relationshipgoals have turned into watching Netflix and eating pizza. Over forty million people are subscribed to Netflix and those people share their accounts with friends and family. The online movie library has spread like rapid fire in today’s society. In times of boredom, people seem to depend on Netflix to have something to do instead of going out. I took the time to question some students of Tustin High on their opinions on Netflix. Here are their responses:

Nolan Swoboda, junior:  “It’s like my life.”

Amanda Nguyen, senior:  “Don’t get it until after finals, unless you want to ruin your life… but it’s worth it.”

Twinkle Gupta, senior:  “I feel like it’s a great past time activity to enjoy entertainment while simultaneously avoiding social interactions.”

David Bohorquez,  junior:  “It’s a good past time, but you could spend your time doing something more productive.”

According to the people interviewed, it seems like Netflix is a positive thing in the aspect that it is an enjoyable past time. However, Netflix is time consuming and can possibly interfere with daily life.

As technology develops, human interaction will only decrease and dependency of the Internet will increase. Netflix has impacted technology and the way people spend their time, and it will only get bigger from here.



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