Shady Addiction


By Destiny Gomez

I’m sitting in the car mindlessly staring out the window, when out of the blue I hear a voice I am never going to forget. The very first time I heard Eminem I was unsure of who he was and what he represented. As his acclaimed song “Stan” played on the radio, I remember thinking, wow, this dude has issues. Nonetheless, I feel a sort of bliss listening to his song.   “Stan” depicts the thoughts of Eminem’s fictitious biggest fan, Stanley Mitchell. As the verses progress, Stan develops an unsettling obsession with Eminem. He writes letters to his idol that receive no reply.  Stan becomes livid, locks his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk, and drives off a bridge killing them both.  Eminem replies weeks later unaware that Stan is dead; it’s not until the end of the song he realizes what has happened. “Stan” proves Em to be a dogged rapper at heart.

After listening to that one song I went home crazy with a desire to hear more, and I now have all 12 of Eminem’s albums: Infinite, Slim Shady Lp, Marshall Mathers Lp, Eminem Show, Encore, Curtain Call , The Re-up, Relapse, Relapse-Refill, Recovery, Marshall Mathers Lp 2, Bad Meets Evil, and I am currently awaiting his new album Shady XV. I’ve been listening to Slim for seven years, and have tremendous respect for him. He helps me when life starts to get tricky, whether I’m in a happy, sad, or angry mood, I can always fill my ears with his voluptuous voice.

Shady Facts:

  • Full name is Marshall Bruce Mathers the III

  • Born on October 17, 1972

  • Has his own record label called, Shady Records, in order to be signed to Shady Records you must first rap battle Eminem

  • Eminem originally wanted to become a comic book artist

  • He was beaten so badly by bully D’Angelo Bailey that he was in a coma for a week

  • He is left handed

  • Em failed ninth grade three times before dropping out

  • All-time favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys

  • Em read the dictionary every night to increase his vocabulary

  • Check out Eminemen’s video “Stan” here:

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