The Barn vs. The Dungeon


“The Barn” – Tustin’s spirited, loud, respectful student section, met “The Dungeon” – Foothill’s passionate and proud student section, for the Tustin versus Foothill basketball game – the biggest rivalry in the city, maybe in all of Orange County. Students dressed in school colors and prepared for the battle in the stands. Tustin succeeded in a “red out,” and Foothill a “white out.” Parents, alumni, and students overpopulated the small gym. The tension was at an all time high and everyone struggled to find a seat in the crowded stands. Fans cheered and chanted. The adrenaline of the game hyped the crowd.

The Dungeon chanted, “THIS IS OUR HOUSE!” Tustin, witty and clever, replied loud and clear, “OURS IS BETTER!” The student sections raged in spirit as our basketball teams strove to win. “HOLA! QUE PASA? TUSTIN’S EN LA CASA!” and “YOU GOTTA BE A TILLER OR YOU GOTS TO GO!” spread like wildfire.

The rivalry, more than a game, went as far as Foothill making posters insulting and stereotyping Tustin, screaming “Tustin’s ratchet!” But, “The Barn” respectfully waited and let our hardworking, consistent basketball team do all the talking. After the game, Foothill students, bitter from their loss, made disrespectful comments to Tustin on Twitter:




Play after play, point after point, everyone was on the edge of their seats as each team tailgated the other. The Dungeon embarrassingly shouted the “I believe that we will win” chant, when they actually took a loss. The Barn rightfully chanted “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!” And students went wild in the fourth quarter as we locked in our victory. Both basketball teams kept up with each other and played their hearts out; but Tustin won by ONE point and stole not only the hearts of their fans, but also proved that Tustin is the better school  on the court and in the stands. The Barn vs. The Dungeon — both impressive, massive, and boisterous student sections, taunted each other in the greatest battle of the year. Having a sore throat and no voice the next day was definitely worth it. We slaughtered their house. WE TILLED THAT HILL!

 Stay tuned for more of “The Barn” throughout the basketball season, we will not disappoint.

(Prayers go out to Foothill’s recovering basketball player Drew Ammann #pr4y)


By Alexis Diaz

Foothill’s dead crowd after Tustin takes the big win.

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  1. Koops says:

    I’m proud to be a Tiller and to come from the “working class.” My heritage is a long line of men and women who have worked hard to improve their lives and circumstances so that their children could have better opportunities and that makes me so proud. The doors were locked so I was never able to make it into the game, but I’m not surprised at the class our Tiller’s showed at the game and in their social media during and afterwards. That’s just who we are!

    1. Trev says:

      Neither of my parents graduated college and my Dad was a proud and beloved “mailman.” Their four kids have 4 bachelors degrees, two masters degrees and one juris doctorate (law degree).
      Even though I went to a “lily-white” High School with plenty of rich kids, I was raised to respect and appreciate hard work and ethnic diversity. I’m expect that many Foothill students are being raised the same way, but I’m REALLY GLAD I’M A TILLER!!
      Respect – Effort – Determination = Big Wins!

      1. Trev says:

        I need and edit button, like on Facebook.


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