What To Do During Winter Break

By Vanessa Tang

Not doing anything during Winter Break? Looking for something to do? Check out these activities that you can enjoy and take advantage of to pass time.

Big Bear

Big Bear is a little less than two hours away from Tustin High. This break could be your chance to get away from here and play in the snow. There’s plenty of options for what to do while in Big Bear: Lake Arrowhead, snow tubing, or even renting cabins to spend time with family.


Ice Skating

    During this time of year it gets cold, but usually not cold enough for ponds to freeze over. However, you can still ice skate at Irvine Spectrum with your friends. It’s less chilly than going to Big Bear and close by.

Newport Boat Parade

    The Newport Boat Parade is still going on. You can see the Christmas Spirit that the boat owners have. The parade occurs at night and boats are decorated with lights and play music. Grab a chair, some blankets, hot cocoa and you’re ready to view this parade.


Christmas Caroling

    Christmas caroling is fun, and a free way to pass time with your friends. Walk around the neighborhood and sing your hearts out when people open their doors. Just print out some holiday classics and brighten the cold night with your fantastic voice.

DIY Crafts

    DIY Crafts are another great way to be creative and pass the time. Cutting out snowflakes to place on walls, making a snow globe, or creating an ornament are just some of the many projects you can attempt this holiday season.


   A large part of the holidays is being with your family and decorating the house. Grab holly and fake snow to sprinkle around your house.


Holiday Cards

    If you love writing, making holiday cards is a great way to spend your time. You can easily create and decorate your own with paper and markers, or you can go to the nearest dollar store to get some. Grab some pens and you’re good to go.


Board Games

    If you’re someone who loves spending time with people, why not be playing board games? Monopoly, Risk, Scrabble, and Jenga are just a few to play. Find a group of people and get competitive.

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