Roller Fury

By: Tanya Soto

Blood, sweat, and tears defines the underdog sport…roller derby. Roller derby became popular in the 1940’s; on November 29, 1948 roller derby appeared for the first time on New York television. This contact sport takes place in a circular track where two opposing teams with five members roller blade in the same direction. The “jammers” have stars on their helmets. They gain points by lapping the opposing team members. The “blocker” allows their own  “jammer” to break through the pack and delay the rival’s “jammer.”  The”pivot” wears a stripe on their helmet and is designated as a “jammer” during a jam or as well authorizes the plays and speed of the pack.


Roller derby takes speed, skill, and, most importantly, strength. There’s no sensitivity in this sport; bumps and bruises come right along with the package. The athletes can attempt to knock down their opponents aggressively, but there are limits. Any contact with hands, elbows, head and feet are restricted. It’s a tough sport and females are likely to be seen on the track kicking some tush.

roller derby 2

It’s not all about the fish nets and  tattoos, it’s about kicking butt and not letting any obstacle get in your way. Just like when life decides to tumble you down, get right back up and accomplish what needs to be done.

If further interest feel free to check out a local roller derby league called the OC Roller Girls.

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