Trendy Tastes Near Tustin

Umami Burger

By Jocelyn You

Social media popularized the “foodie” movement with hashtags such as #foodies, #foodisfuel, and #foodislife. Popular foods such as boba, burgers, sushi, acai bowls, grilled cheese, and cold-pressed juice are popping up everywhere in Orange County. The idea of urbanized restaurants with cute décor along with music that matches the atmosphere makes foodies excited to venture out and try new places.

Tustin offers a mix of health nuts, coffee addicts, spicy tuna bowl connoisseurs, and people who just all around love food! Being an experienced foodie myself, I have recommendations of food places near Tustin that I want all of you to try out. From a range of Mexican, to Italian, to Asian, to American, and to snack foods, you will be educated with the foods of the world.

My Recommendations:

  1. Acai Republic, Banzai Bowls, Nekter, Cold Fusion – Do you love acai bowls, juices, and smoothies? If so, these places are popping up all over Orange County! These are the most popularized around our humble abode of Tustin. Acai Republic is five minutes walking distance from Tustin High, and Cold Fusion is about a five to ten minute drive towards North Tustin. Banzai and Nekter can be found in Costa Mesa, Irvine, or any beach in the county.

  2. Pokinometry, Zipangu, Kula, Sushi On Fire – If you’re a sushi addict these places are the sushi joints for you. All places have authentic, quality sushi with a trendy atmosphere. Pokinometry and Sushi On Fire are in Huntington Beach, Zipangu is in Costa Mesa, and Kula is in Irvine.

  3. Class 302, Tebo Tebo, Lollicup, 7Leaves – Boba has been a popular drink among all age groups for several years, but even more recently boba tea houses are popping up all around the county. Class 302 is a self serve boba shop that just opened up in The Marketplace. 7Leaves recently opened up right across the street from Tustin High (where Fusion Tea used to be). Tebo Tebo is in Garden Grove while Lollicup is closest in Irvine.

  4. The Melt, Umami Burger, The Iron Press, TK Burger – If you’re craving a burger or even just a grilled cheese (fancy or plain), these places are the go-to in my book. The Melt is a grilled cheese spot and Umami is a burger joint-both located in the Irvine Spectrum. TK Burger is in Huntington Beach. The Iron Press is in the Anaheim Packing District. All places have simple menu options as well as sandwiches with a twist.

Food is something that unites people by combining different cultures. It is the single thing that can connect people without speaking the same language. Adventurous eaters, try out these food places recommended above! Especially with food places being less than fifteen minutes away from home, is there really an excuse to not try something new? From sweet to savory, your taste buds will be in for a ride.

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