Morrissey Obsessed

By: Tanya Soto

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He captivates and serenades with the tender melody of his voice. With delicate carol and deep lyrics, his soulful music sways in your ears like steady waves.

English teacher, Andrea Willoughby lives and breathes for Morrissey. Yes, hard to believe right? A teacher having the same interests as her students.

Today, teenagers often spend their time on social media, either running blogs or meeting and communicating with new friends online. Just like teenagers today, Mrs. Willoughby writes a blog, a blog about what she adores–Morrissey. ”For awhile I was writing every Sunday about things that have to do with Morrissey, but it could just be about my life because it’s called ‘My Life Without Morrissey’ so it leaves me open to either write about Morrissey or not write about Morrissey.”

Not only does she write about Morrissey in her blog, she also meets and shares with people who have the same interest. ”Since I started writing the blog I have met a lot of people through social media who are also Morrissey fans. I have a group of strong friends in the LA and Orange County area. It’s about the things that we do related to Morrissey.”

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At times teenagers go to concerts, or go a little further and follow them to get a closer glimpse. Mrs. Willoughby is one who is willing to get the closer glimpse. ”I went to a Sparks concert. He’s a big Sparks fan in Hollywood and he came in and I followed him. And I happened to have my book with me because I was hoping to run into him at the concert because I know he’s a big fan. And I walked up to him. He was with two other guys. I walked up and I asked one of the guys he was with because he was talking to someone else. And I said ‘do you think Morrissey will sign my book?’ And he said ‘No, he’s not signing any books.’I was too afraid to just reach over and go ‘hey Morrissey nice to meet you.’ So I just walked away because I was too embarrassed.”

Ladies and gentlemen not only does she teach English, and spend her time grading papers, she is the teacher who spends time blogging and obsessing over Morrissey–just like some of us do.


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