Debilitated Fate

By Evelyn Carrillo

 Chapter 1: The Impossible

It all started in the year 2050 when mankind encountered extraterrestrial beings. They were called Gingous and they had the ability to resolve any situation that they encountered. They had egg-like heads and muscular figures. They also had two arms and two legs, their skin a slate-blue color that reached all the way to the bottom of their feet. They wore a golden necklace, and what looked like shorts made out of sparkling gold. As for their eyes, we couldn’t tell what shape they were or their color; they wore a bizarre mask that resembled what we used to call “dogs” back in the day. It’s been ten years since they first invaded Earth. People weren’t excited at first, and didn’t necessarily give them a warm welcome. That’ll be a mistake that we will forever regret. All the countries banded together to defeat this mysterious foe, but sadly we couldn’t defeat them; not even the atomic bombs could save us.

Many lives were lost, and we almost faced the extreme annihilation of the human race. The government forced any males that had the ability to walk, to fight in the war, and only a handful of males stayed behind. None of the fighters survived, including my father John. He was a scientist that observed the human body. He was a wonderful father that took care of me and my family. He always told me that one day they’d come, and I never understood what he meant until now.

Now I’m left all alone; my family was killed in what seemed like a perpetual war. It took about eight years just to stop it. I was only fifteen years old at the time when these creatures first arrived. I had to fend for myself, and looked out for any of the Gingous that patrolled the grounds. They lived up in the atmosphere with their huge castle-like structures in the sky. They only came down to take more humans for “Experiments,” but the humans were never heard from again. Everyday was the same exact day: we hid, then came back out, hid, then back out again. It was very difficult to find food; we had to salvage any edible nutrition that we found. It was everyone for themselves in this new world. Sadly, this new world isn’t as pretty as it was before. The sky isn’t blue anymore, it’s now red. The Gingous polluted the sky for their own purpose. We can still breathe but we can’t stay on the surface for very long or we’ll suffocate. We can only stay on the surface for at least five hours until we have to go back underground. I really do miss the surface, how it had natural green grass, beautiful red roses, and lively animals. Unfortunately, ever since the atmosphere changed, so did the animals. They transformed into disgusting hybrids that looked like they came out of a cinematic horror scene. As for the plants, they disappeared and so did the trees. I guess the harmful red atmosphere had accomplished the impossible.

Everywhere you looked it was a battlefield with blown-up tanks, cars, trains, planes, and houses everywhere you turn. It was not necessarily paradise if you ask me. I got heartbroken everytime when I saw bodies all around the surface dead or alive. Some of them decided to give up on life and stay on the surface to await their death. Sadly, I’m used to the smell of rotting corpses all around me. It’s like smelling freshly clean grass every time you get up out of bed, it’s just part of your daily routine.

My friend Sally and I always hang out near an old abandoned shaft under a bridge. We get new visitors everyday, and kids of all ages come to hang out with us. They’re all orphans. Their parents abandoned them for their own survival, and some of them have no choice but to leave them because of the war that happened some time ago. It’s a cruel world, but it’s just how things work around here. Anyway, I take care of these children as if they were my own family. I can’t afford clothes or food for them, but I make sure to protect them from any outsiders. I’m 25 years old now, and my friend is 23. We’ve been together since we were children. She too has lost everything she once loved. It’s a difficult time up here on the surface, we are seeing less food and more Gingous. Maybe one day we’ll rise against the Gingous. For now we have to lay low and respect the new food chain. They compare us like ants, weak, vulnerable, and easy to step on.

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