Digging Deeper with our Homecoming Court


By Alexis Diaz

Over a month ago Tillers had homecoming and the football game followed by a groovy dance, one of the most exciting events as a high school student. Our homecoming court nominees were the handsome gentlemen (from left to right) Shikhar Gupta, Brad Donahoo, Shane Sweeney, Amol Singhal, and Rehan Bokhari. The beautiful ladies were (from bottom left to right) Krystina Kusik, Sydney Means, Nancy Gutierrez, Samantha Landis, and Sasha Cheechov. This hardworking group of Tillers dedicate their time and effort by making the campus a better place for everyone, it may be in ASB, sports, school events, assemblies, clubs, and even behind the scenes. Not everyone has been able to meet this wonderful bunch, so they answered some questions allowing us to get to know them on a better level.

1.      What advice can you give to everyone at Tustin High?

Amol: “The main advice I could give to the other students at Tustin High is to not waste their time. It’s getting very close to the point where we will be thrown into the real world and you cannot take any opportunities for granted.”

Rehan: “If I could give any advice to the students at Tustin high, it would be to make the most out of your high school experience because you won’t be able to do it in the future, so you might as well live it up while you can.”

Sasha: “In general, I’d say get involved. Being in all the extra curriculars and clubs really makes high school worth it. It is good for your college applications, but more over helps shape you as a person and realize what you take interest in.”

Krystina: “Don’t ever give up, even though things may seem like they’re getting tough, but take it from me, they will turn around and get better.”

Sydney: “There’s nothing worse than living life full of regrets so don’t take things for granted, be grateful for the things you have and use them to your advantage in life.”

Nancy: “… always try something new at school, join clubs, sports teams, you make great friends and the high school experience is way more fun when you have people to share those moments with, moments so memorable that will last a life time.”

Shikhar: “Life is too short for us to chase after petty things that we don’t even want, and time is more valuable than some of the people who we choose to spend it with.”

Shane: “Getting involved is the best way to go through high school and to be helping and knowing what is going on around campus and really enhances your experience.”

Samantha: “If you are passionate about something, don’t be afraid to pursue it! Give it your all in everything you are involved in, and you will always be successful.

2.      What is your favorite high school experience so far?

Nancy: “I would say in general going to the football and basketball games are always super fun, getting so pumped and cheering on our teams is always a great time.”

Sasha: “…one of the funniest moments that just comes to mind for me was when I made my speech for senior class secretary and used Drake lyrics. No one really expected it and it was probably hilarious hearing me of all people say those things.”

Shikhar: “Although I have had numerous adventures, I consider my most memorable high school experience to be when I spent an All-Nighter with my squad during a school field trip. It was night full of laughter, fun, and precious memories.”

 3.      What are your plans after high school/near future?

Sydney: “I plan on attending college, hopefully University of La Verne, to major in kinesiology to pursue a career in either becoming an athletic trainer or a physical therapist.”

Amol: “I hope to get accepted to a prestigious college and then work at a company. Hopefully making some good money and providing and giving back to the people that got me there.”

Rehan: “I hope to attend a prestigious university and earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in order to work in a sales consulting firm in California. I want this to happen so ‘My high school reunion might be worth an appearance/Make everybody have to go through security clearance’ (Drake).”

Sasha: “I am hoping to continue on the project my capstone group created, is a non-profit organization called Breaking Barriers. We aim to provide basic school supplies to children around the world who do not have the blessing of free, public, provided education like we do”

Krystina: “I plan on going to college and continuing my passion for music while working to earn my Masters in Music Education and Music Performance.”

4.   How do you think Tustin High has influenced you?

Rehan: “Tustin high has influenced me to meet people from every background and easily communicate with people at a personal level which is something that is important for the future.”

Shane: “Being at Tustin high has had a huge impact on me. Being here has introduced me to so many people and so many new things such as water polo, which I would have never played if I hadn’t gone to Tustin.”

Amol: “We all are blessed and being around people at Tustin who still enjoy life with more struggles than me, makes me stop worrying about my troubles and just be happy with the things that are provided for me.”

Sasha: “From going to Tustin, I have learned so much about acceptance and friendship. I have met so many people with different backgrounds, passions, and stories, and have made some of the closest friends I have ever had.

Shikhar: “Tustin High has given me an opportunity to make something out of myself. There are many opportunities here that I have taken full advantage of, and by doing so, I have been able to strengthen my work ethics, and work on my weaknesses”

5.      What do you like most about Tustin High and being a Tiller?

Sydney: “I honestly love the diversity of our school because no matter how different we all may be, we all can come together and create a friendly and accepting environment.”

Krystina: “I love the groups, how many people share the same passion and aren’t afraid to express themselves.”

Nancy: “There are many things I love about being a Tiller at Tustin High, there are so many great teachers, administrators, and counselors. Everyone who works here is just amazing, the students are so supportive of the sports teams and always bring great student sections.”

Amol: “It provides so many opportunities for you to experience new things and become a better person. Unlike other schools (Foothill), Tustin is not full of cliques and we act as a family. The main thing I like about all Tillers is how accepting everyone is. I can do/be anyone you want at Tustin and do not have to fear being judged.”

Samantha: “I love the opportunities I have to do so many things that I love. I am blessed to be able to be involved in the things that I am, and I love the atmosphere at Tustin.”

 6.   How do you feel about graduating this year? What will you miss the most?

Shane: “I am excited for graduation. I am graduating with an amazing group of people and have made so many awesome memories and I will miss all my friends and team mates.”

Rehan: “Assemblies, dances, games, and playing basketball for school are just some of the things that I’m truly going to miss because it becomes taboo in a year. Every experience I have had at Tustin High has been extraordinary and so, Tustin high is ultimately what I’m going to miss the most.”

Sasha: “The term is overused and does sound quite cliché, but the most accurate word I can think of is ‘bittersweet’… High school isn’t even close to ending yet, but whenever I think about graduation, I do get a bit sad.”

Amol: “I am both anxious and really excited. I am having a great time at Tustin and enjoying the last months of being a kid, but I do feel that time is coming to be a grown up for once and experience the freedom but also the responsibility”

Krystina: “I feel like everything went by so fast. I’m sad that I’m graduating this year, and I am going to miss the teachers, and all the one-on-one help they would give me.”

Samantha: “I am really excited to experience some change and move forward in my education. I will definitely miss my friends and teachers from Tustin High, and all of the great programs I have been involved in.”

Shikhar: “I am very excited to graduate high school this year… The only worry will be attending college away from our childhood friends. I will miss my all my friends and every memory I shared with them.”

Nancy: “Graduating is a scary yet thrilling moment that I look forward to, I will miss performing at the assemblies with my team, watching football/basketball games, screaming and cheering on the stands, the teachers, but no matter what is left behind, Once a Tiller Always a Tiller.”


Our homecoming king Brad Donahoo (bottom left) was crowned during our homecoming assembly and later on that night our queen Krystina Kusik (top, second left) was crowned during halftime of the homecoming football game. Congratulations to all the Tillers and their talent that was able to get them recognized by teachers on campus!


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