What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

By Jocelyn Cervantes

Thanksgiving seems to be the only time where it’s socially acceptable to eat as much as you want and no one can tell you otherwise. Of course your dilemma, besides thinking of how many pounds you will gain, is deciding what to wear. Should your outfit be sophisticated and chic? Or casual and comfy? Dark or light colors? Here’s the answer:  A little bit of everything. Just like your dinner plate will include a small portion from every dish, your outfit should be sophisticated, casual, chic and comfy. Holidays are the best time to show off the best version of yourself, and dressing the part is essential. So whether its dinner with the family, friends, or a significant other, looking fabulous will have everyone staring at you and not the turkey.

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  1. Maria says:

    I really enjoy looking at your page because it provides good examples on what to wear.You should make a list of the ideas the model is wearing and letting us know the cost and the store we buy it.

  2. Karen says:

    Your article is very well written and described. The pictures helped detail what you wrote and gave everyone an example of what could be worn. It even gave me an idea on what to wear for a next dinner.

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