Interesting Places: Placita Olvera

By: Nayeli Medina

Interesting Places: Placita Olvera

Los Angeles is a beautiful city located in Southern California. It is known for beautiful skies, warm temperatures and beaches, which makes it a desired place to visit. LA provides a variety of opportunities for tourists and young people who are on the search for recognition and a name in the entertainment industry.  Many people from all over the world decide to visit the most beautiful, yet obvious, tourist places that are usually sold out or too crowded to enjoy. Not much importance and attention is put into the cultural and historical places that define a large quantity of the population. Los Angeles ranges from diverse cultures who, for example, have magnificent little areas like Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and, my personal favorite, Placita Olvera, also known as Olvera Street.

Olvera Street is a small little section that is a part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. It is one of the oldest parts of LA and in the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument due to its complete dedication to the Mexican culture and its history. There is little difference between walking through Olvera street and walking through the streets of a market in Mexico. Vendors usually sell clothes, candy, souvenirs, bags, bracelets, and lots more. Parking is right across the street, and prices range from $8-9 depending on the day you go. As you make your way in, you’ll find a cross right in the middle of the street separating the place into two parts. The cross is an example of the important role religion plays in the Mexican culture and tradition. The food is not costly, and the variety of Mexican candy has the ability to make you crave it. Don’t feel too bad. They are sold at a price that makes it worth a try.

A church located right next to the small street, called the Plaza Methodist Church, is utilized for mass and baptisms. It is a beautiful, tall, white building with beautiful architecture and simple but unique detailing. I, unfortunately, was unable to enter due to inconvenient hours; it had already been closed for the day. Toward the side of the church is a little area where music plays either live or through loud speakers. Either one has the same effect of bringing people together and making people smile. Some even feel compelled to dance to the music that is most important to Mexican culture. In the middle of the little area stands a statue dedicated to the Mexican musician and actor Antonio Aguilar.

Olvera Street is not a well-known place due to its cramped size, but is one of the oldest places in Los Angeles which makes it a bit more unique. It is a nice little place to stroll around with friends or family, take a look at the amazing handcrafted material, snack on a churro or get full on a meal from one of the little restaurants. LA is personally one of my favorite places to visit, and Olvera Street really left a great impression on me. The street is a different type of life in the city of Los Angeles, a very artistic and joyful one. You guys should definitely check this historical landmark out!




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