By: Anastasia Earles

 When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself as attractive or the opposite? Even if you don’t believe it, the truth of the matter is that you are beautiful. As we saunter down the road of life, we come across insecurities and broken parts that make us feel like we’re not worthy of being called beautiful. Whether it’s someone who looks better than you or someone who calls you ugly, remember that your outward beauty comes as it goes. It’s not going to last forever. Accepting the truth is a difficult task. It takes time and personal will to finally build that confidence you have been striving to achieve. The harvest of your persistence will surely defeat the lies that once lived inside of you. Don’t settle for less that has been destroying your esteem for years. It’s within you that true beauty lies. When people are consumed with adorning their bodies, their hearts are left bare and dry. They’ll never be able to fully enjoy life because they’re busy pleasing others. Superficiality is such a major part of our society that having a low self esteem is quite common. Beneath those lies it’s time to recognize the truth for what it is. You are beautiful, every part of you, the inside and out. Let that truth be your foundation. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about you. Stop focusing on your flaws; everyone has them no matter how perfect they seem to be. Look deeper within and seek the confidence that lives with your beauty.

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  1. Karoline Tovar says:

    Thank you for allowing people to read your words.
    I’m truly inspired by the truth you have told!

    1. Anastasia says:

      Thank you so much. I gladly love posting the truth.

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