Second Time’s the Charm


By Karli Stichter

Around junior and senior year of high school more and more students receive their drivers license but some don’t always pass the test the first time. Unfortunately, I, along with many other people, experienced the moment when the instructor looks over and says, “Keep practicing and goodluck next time.” From administrators to teachers to students, it’s surprising how many people at Tustin High School failed their test first time around. Statistics show that four out of ten people fail their license test the first time they take it. Most of these people being in their teenage years. Their failure is due to lack of experience behind the wheel and failure to practice for the appropriate amount of hours. Although it sucks to fail the first time, it should definitely not be something to be ashamed of.

Believe it or not there are well-known people on this campus that have failed to be successful on their first time taking the drivers license test. Jocelyn You failed three times before she finally passed. She said, “I cried the first time because I was so shocked that I failed. I failed at the very end of the test”. It is normal to feel that way after failing something, especially something allowing the type of freedom a license gives. There is also the feeling of inferiority. For example, Hannah and Johannah Moz, twins at Tustin High School, both took their test on the same day at the Santa Ana DMV. Hannah passed and Johannah failed. “I was more mad that my sister got her license and I didn’t, than the fact that I had just failed. I just didn’t want her to have her license before me,” said Johannah.

Many people have different opinions about how to go about the process of taking the drivers license test. For example there are several DMVs to take the test in the Orange County region: Laguna Hills, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, San Clemente, Fullerton, and Westminster. Some people such as Nicole Andreae would say, “Laguna Hills is the easiest”, but someone else, such as Cara Chipman, might say, “Santa Ana is the easiest”. Overall, it is important to practice for the appropriate amount of hours to avoid a first time failure. But it is also important to know failing the first time really isn’t that bad. Just wait two weeks and try again and remember it is possible to get a driver’s license.

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  1. Ramiro Covarrubias says:

    I believe this article was a great one because many are worried after failing the first time taking the test. It is normal and nothing to worry about. The more you study the better your chances are of passing the test.

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