The Tillers Hit Bull’s Eye at the Pioneers

By Kassandra Ferrer and Viviana Altamirano

TUSTIN — November 2, 2014, The Tustin Tillers faced the Western Pioneers at Tustin’s pool. Western was not prepared for the pitchfork! Our Water Polo boys swerved their rifle bullet while the Western Pioneer goalie had to swerve the Tustin Tiller powerful shot.

The undefeatable Mitchell Spear (also known as “the Spear master ”) sprints to win the ball for Tustin Tillers and starts the quarter off right. The players play a graceful play at the beginning of the quarter: the Varsity goalie, Steven Magdaleno, passes the ball to Zack Morgan, who then passes it to Nathaniel John; who sets it to Ian Tesdall. John slides to the left side of the cage and Tesdall passes it back to John who finishes the play with a skip shot past two of the shot blockers (excluding the goalie). That’s just another fantastic play by the Tustin Boys Water Polo team! The boys finish the quarter (3-1), Tillers in the lead.

Once again, our sprinter Mitchell Spear wins the sprint for second quarter. Coach Unger watches his team play great defense, and at the same time demonstrates Ian how to guard his player so he wont get a foul. After all the chaos of sprinting back and forth, from defense to offense, Dragon Dakota finally decides to flap his wings to get high and make a goal. (4-1) The next goal comes from our fast sprinter Mitchell Spear, who intercepts the goalie and makes a great shot (5-1), following that goal Zack Morgan steals the ball from the Pioneers and makes a goal. (6-1) Western only scores 2 goals in this quarter. One of their goals was due to lack of defense, and the other goal was just one strong shot that our goalie, Steven Magdaleno could not block. (8-3) Passing and making great steals really helped our team make goals, an outcome of this was Jonathan Deprosse’s goal. (8-3) Down on offense, Nathaniel John is not seen on set but out of nowhere he comes out of underwater; while trying to get the ball the goalie attacks him, earning the opponent’s goalie an ejection, leading to a 6-on-5. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Nathaniel John immediately shoots and makes the ninth and final goal of the second quarter (9-3).

As we all expected, Mitchell Spear wins the sprint, earning the ball for the Tustin Tillers in the third quarter. As Nathaniel John counters, the goalie steps out of the cage in attempt to steal the ball, John flawlessly lobs the ball over the opponent’s goalie’s head (10-3). With great determination, Tesdall and Morgan work hard to earn two more goals for T.H.S (12-4).

Mitchell Spear wins all the sprints for the Tustin Tillers versus Western High School. Brad Donahoo tries to play set offense, but is not able to get position; therefore, Ian goes in to set. Coach Unger screams to Ian to pass weak, yet he doesn’t. We ask you, Tustin Tillers: What happened to the Ian-sanity? Mitchell Spear was the spotlight of the last quarter, ending with a beautiful shot and a score of 13-9. The Tustin Boys Varsity Water Polo team advance to CIF! Hard work has paid off, way to go Tillers!


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  1. Nate John says:

    This article was on point with the vivid details and the intensity that there was at the game. Great job for the authors of this article; you two put everything together and it came out perfectly. I feel like I was in the crowd watching the game.

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