Freshman Football: The Story Behind Their Success

By: Amanda Zamora


Our Tustin High School freshman football team is on the road to success. They continually work hard on keeping up their 8-2 record. They are always on the field giving their best effort during practice through all of the drills, sprints, and repetitive plays. No matter what the weather is, extreme heat or freezing cold, they are always out on the field. Whenever you watch them play you can’t help but get drawn in. The freshman boys not only play like a team, but act like a team. Even when they get out of practice they are still out in front of the gym throwing around the football and enjoying each other’s company. Walking by the football locker room, you will always hear the blaring roar of music booming out the door as they get pumped to play.

After coaching varsity football for 40 plus years, Coach Myron Miller was finally ready to retire. However, something about the freshman team made him change his mind. That something happened to be that the freshmen had no coach, but Miller   saw too much potential talent in the budding youngsters to let them go without a quality coach. Coach Miller says, “A typical day at practice consists of me constantly yelling out in the hot sun at the rowdy boys who have the attention spans of third graders. All they want to do is run around and jump into complicated plays with lots of throwing.” But before they are even allowed to run plays they go through warm ups, which consist of stretches and individual drills. “We usually start out working on special teams and then move into more specifics


What makes the team so successful is the skills and speed they possess. Coach Miller says that his freshman team is a solid team. Even when you watch them play you can see the young talent they possess. The freshman team does not have any weaknesses that stand out. A few outstanding players on the team that have the potential to be on varsity next year are Sai Mikao, Sagel Simon, Kenneth Carr, and Nathaniel Arrington. Coach Miller says, “That they could all play varsity.” Although Coach Miller experienced a very fun and successful year coaching the freshman squad, he cannot envision himself coaching again next year. However, he was extremely confident of his retirement at the beginning of this year. “I’ve said I’d retire twice before, in the past two years, but always ends up getting dragged back into it.”

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    It is a great article it explains how great of freshmen football team we have and how we have a great football coaching staff here at Tustin High School.

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      its very nice that our has freshman football

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    This is a great article it shows how the freshman football team is trying their best to achieve what they want, it also quotes coach Millers outstanding thoughts for Tustin High Schools Football team.

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