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Ask The Tiller
Ask The Tiller

Dear Tiller,

I feel really bad but then again I don’t. I made a really bad mistake but I can’t help but keep doing it….
I’m seeing my best friends boyfriend behind her back and she doesn’t have the slightest clue. I constantly lie to her about where I am and what I’m doing when in reality I’m with her boyfriend kissing him. How do I stop?


I can see that you’re in a tough situation, however, there is always a solution. It’s okay to have those feelings; they are normal. They just happen to be for your best friend’s boyfriend. I would tell your friend about these feelings. I assume that since you guys are best friends, you tell her everything. Things can get worse if you continue to lie to her and go behind her back. If you tell her now, things may be bad, but not as bad as they would be if you continue to hold the truth from her.¬†Understand what her feelings will be about the situation. It is possible that you could lose your friendship over this, but there is always the future to start fresh.



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