Fall Into Fall

 Katelyn Merrell

                Autumn leaves, Halloween, Football games, Homecoming, seasonal Starbucks drinks; just a few of the many reasons people have fallen in love with the heart-warming season. The eventful season continues to fill people with a “homey and comforting feeling”, but why is that? I took the opportunity to interview students around campus to find out why Tillers enjoy the eventful months. I met with students and teachers on campus and asked them a simple, but loaded question, “Why do you love fall?”

Alexis Diaz (senior): “The weather is great, it gives you a homey and comforting feeling, sweater weather, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving…food!”

Christian Ramirez and Neil Slater (freshmen): “The weather is not as hot, it feels fresh, there’s hot coco, holidays, and you get to focus on spending time with family.”

Andi Stichter (freshman): “Because pumpkin food! And pumpkin food is the best!”

Emily Merrell (freshman): “It gives you a good feeling and makes you happy.”

Mrs. Robinson (Freshman English teacher): “I love college football! My favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and watch college football. Also, as a teacher it is the beginning of my year and it’s a fresh start.” 

Jocelyn Cervantes (senior): “The colors and there’s fashion week in September. I also love Thanksgiving and everything pumpkin.”

Mrs. Zechiel (AP World History and AP US History) – “I love fall because it’s the beginning of the holidays, the color scheme and feelings you get is all magical, and I love all the decorations.”

            DSC_0297 (2)

    After interviewing multiple students and teachers I came to the conclusion that fall isn’t just a season. It’s the beginning of the new school year. It’s the beginning of Friday night lights bursting with school spirit. It’s the warm feeling you get when the weather starts changing from scorching hot to brisk and cool. It’s the budding relationships that result from the classrooms full of potential friends. It’s the lovey dovey feeling that consumes you when the guy you like finally asks you to Homecoming. It’s the smell of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and pumpkin lattes and pumpkin everything! It’s the time for shopping for Halloween costumes  that gives you the opportunity to play dress up for a night. It’s the Thanksgiving dinner where you choose to stuff yourself to the point where if you take another bite you will literally pop. It’s the genuine time you spend with your family that only the holiday season is capable of creating. It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year.







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  1. Esthefany Leyva says:

    I really love this review, not a better way to describe what fall really is . also liked that you asked students what is their own definition of fall.

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