Adidas Originals: Fall, Fall, Falling Into Trend


Adidas Originals
Adidas Originals

By Jocelyn You

Adidas created a line to branch off of their regular sporting clothing; it is called Adidas Originals. The line features the classic Adidas style of clothes, but with a twist. The pieces are printed with either wild designs such as neon floral print or color-blocked simplicity. With the sporty look staying in trend for this upcoming season, Adidas Originals is a perfect fit.

 Since spring and summer passed with tropical prints, fall is excitedly welcomed back into the arms of fashionistas everywhere. Those with interest in the urban look, complete with tracksuits and tennis shoes, might take interest in Adidas Originals. The line features unique clothing created by bold artists, such as singer Rita Ora and designer Jeremy Scott. The designs change with the season, and for fall, a lot of color-blocking, cool-tones, and galaxy prints show up. This is a huge step from the previous spring/summer collection which featured palm trees and flowers.

 Those with a quirky style and a fondness for being bold sport the Originals line. Stars like Jennette McCurdy share their love for the line by posting their outfits-of-the-days on social media making the clothing recognized worldwide. Spreading the style introduces others to the sporty trend and being a trend, people follow it

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