DIY Halloween Costume

By Jocelyn Cervantes

October brings us many celebrations. Homecoming, autumn, pumpkin spiced lattes, warm weather, football games, and one of the most important, Halloween. Halloween brings not only free candy, but a night of memories.  It is the one time of the year where you can be anything or anyone you wish. As Halloween approaches, time is spent thinking of costumes while sipping our favorite Starbucks seasonal drink, and if you’re anything like me, you have waited until the last minute to decide what to be. Of course you don’t want go as something predictable such as a witch. You want to stand out in the right way.  Here are some last minute costumes that will make everyone jealous and your wallet very happy.

1. Holly Golightly

If you ever have the chance to be Audrey Hepburn, do it! Simply choose a black dress and accessories with choker pearls, a cigarette holder and a pair of black gloves. Add a pair of black pumps, a tiara, and her signature look: sunglasses.


2.. Madeline

The French girl everyone adores. All you need is a blue dress, black flats, white gloves, and yellow ribbon.


3. Morton Salt Girl

Such a witty costume. All you need is a yellow dress, black boots, and a gray umbrella.


4. Go Go Dancer

Time to get down and boogie. A simple white and black dress paired with either black or white boots.


5. Greaser

The Outsiders was an amazing movie based on an even more amazing book. It is one of the  easiest looks anyone can create. A pair of blue jeans, beaten up converse, a white shirt, or just an old shirt, paired with either a leather jacket or jean jacket.


6. Nerd

y=mx+b As much as we hate to admit it, there is a nerd inside all of us. We all range from book nerd and video game nerd to movie nerds and art nerds. Halloween is a perfect time to let your inner nerd out. So grab your prescribed glasses, tuck in your plaid shirt and grab your copy of Harry Potter and nerd on!



Stylist: Jocelyn Cervantes

Models (in order of appearance): Jocelyn Cervantes, Daisy Lucatero, Brisa Velazquez, Blanca Serna, Dustin Calle, Tobi Uribe

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