Tustin vs. Beckman In The Stands

Amanda Nguyen, Co-President of ASB, captures the Tiller pride shown on the stands of Tustin High students.

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Photograph by Sportswurlz

By Abigail Pidazo

I said you gots to be a Tiller or you gots to go! 

On Friday night September 26th, Tustin and Beckman students gathered at the Northrup Stadium to support their varsity football teams in hopes of a victory. Both student sections plotted spirit wear to outdo each other: Beckman Patriots hosted a whiteout against Tustin Tillers’ arranged blackout. ASB members Brad Donahoo, Amol Singhal, Afif Achmad, and Nick Jacobson led Tustin’s cheering section also referred to as “The Barn” to boost the crowd into rambunctious spirits.

Varsity football player Aramie Faletoi says that when he glanced over at the student section with everyone in all black, “it not only helps me but our whole team and it just brings together as a team and a school to make each other proud and get the win!” Although many students believe that the student section is strictly for ASB members, Daisy Gonzalez, a non-ASB member says, “I love sitting in the student section because I love supporting the team as a student body!” Both Tillers agree that “The Barn” brings students together in an enjoyable and memorable way.

Even with rough plays on the field Tillers continued to amplify the stadium by chanting, “Let’s go Tustin, let’s go!” along with feet stomping in the stands that echoed onto the field. Beckman students repeatedly challenged Tustin students with a light out where students used cellphones as flashlights to gather in the stadium. With every touchdown that the Tillers scored the Tustin band played the T.H.S. fight song accompanied by the explosion of exhilaration of all in the Tustin section.

Though the night ended with an outcome the Tillers did not hope for, the spirits of “The Barn” stayed strong until the last seconds of the game throughout Northrup stadium.

Join “The Barn” at every home game for the rest of this season!



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