The THS Water Polo Team Unites


Tustin High School – Boys Varsity Water Polo
By Kassandra Ferrer and Viviana Altamirano

THS WATER POLO TEAM UNITES – After starting off the season on the wrong foot, the team stopped playing as individuals and began trusting their coach’s instructions. “The boys are pretty good, started out a little bit slow but once the guys started trusting what I was teaching them, they started coming together,”  declares Coach Unger.  After winning five games in a row, the Tillers gain a chance for redemption from their last year’s defeat at CIF quarterfinals versus Segerstrom High School. Although the Boys Varsity team tried hard to recover from their mistakes in past quarters, they could not recover yet they still finished the game as a team. Win as a team; lose as a team.

Ian Tesdall states that he transferred from FHS Water Polo to THS Water Polo because, “I didn’t play much at Foothill and I was in the JV team.”  And since he could not play the first month of school at Tustin High because of his transfer he exclaims, “just wait for the Ian-sanity!” The difficulties of being a set player is, “to maintain position and focus on where the ball is at the same time,”  states Dakota Friel. The main set player, Nathaniel John, explains that the main strategy is to, “control middle, so we can get the ball.”  When asked how it feels when he blocks a goal, varsity goalie Steven Magdaleno jokes, “I feel like the cool kid!” He then expresses that he feels, “like I did what I was supposed to do and it goes from there.”

THE ESSENCE OF WATER POLO  according to Urban Dictionary, “takes the most difficult aspects of soccer and football and puts them together in a 30 meter pool.” The definition of water polo is, “a seven-a-side game played by swimmers in a pool, with a ball like a volleyball that is thrown into the opponent’s net.” (Google)

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