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by Jocelyn You

Fashion Week? Shouldn’t that be every day? Students of Tustin High have their personal style, strutting with their heads high and their looks noticed by all. Whether the style is girly with frilly lace, grunge with Dr. Marten’s, urban with hoop earrings, athletic, casual, or a style without a label, style fits the personalities of the students. Walking around campus it is clear that students wear what they feel most comfortable and proudest in. I have noticed hair dyed all different colors, winged eyeliner (dramatic or not), bold (or nude) lipstick, and various outfits that are all so unique to each person. Some students have really caught my eye with how they present themselves at school!

Students Interviewed:

1. Vaughan (Bubba) Andrews

Vaughan, otherwise known as Bubba by the student population, is on the water polo team at Tustin. He represents who he is by what he wears. Bubba is often seen rocking bright colors along with some Sperry’s or Vans. His style is classic surfer/water polo boy and is kind of a throwback! With the bright colors and the classic shoes, Bubba sure is a looker at Tustin High.

2. Priscilla Reyes

Priscilla, known as the fashionista of the school, stands out as she walks through the halls. It’s no wonder with her modern and classic outfits mixed with out-there/vintage pieces. Winged eyeliner with either bubblegum pink or dark, vampy lipstick is her go-to makeup look. She turns heads everywhere she goes and is always dressed up at school no matter what. Dressing nice is a form of good manners and Priscilla certainly has it going on.

3. Nolan Swoboda

Nolan transformed his style last year from workout t-shirts and baggy shorts to tropical button ups, crew necks, and Sperry’s. He is on the basketball team, but keeps his own style with summery vibes rather than athletic clothes every day. You can often see him walking with earphones in vibing to his reggae playlist. He definitely gets noticed at school!

4. Brenda Negrette

Brenda Negrette brightens up the school with her hippie, colorful, and tribal printed outfits. Along with bright outfits she has a curly, low-bun hairdo that everyone recognizes. When you see Brenda walking around school looking cute as ever, you catch a contagious smile and feel the need to dance to some happy music.

These students wear their looks with a strong understanding of who they are and what they like.

Dress to impress!


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  1. Jocelyn Alonso says:

    Great article!
    I like how you explain how each student dresses different in their own like. This article capture me the attention of reading this because it shows that not everyone has the same style as other and how everyone’s personality shows in how they dress. Also I like how you described the students that you interview from before to after or how they dress today.

  2. Ashley Cruz says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article because it gives a bit of an insight on possible styles to go for. Also it gives a few of the styles that students here, at school, are wearing which shows how many of us have our own unique style.

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