Movie Review:One Missed Call


One Missed Call
One Missed Call

(Japanese version)

By Melissa Lopez

Release date:

January 17, 2004 (Japan) and April 22, 2005 (USA)


1 hr. 51 min.


One Missed Call is originally a Japanese film directed by Takashi Miike. In 2008, director Eric Valette remade  Takashi’s movie. The original film, in my opinion, is better because remakes usually leave out important parts of the story. In “One Missed Call,” Yumi Nakamura (Kou Shibasaki) is the slightly paranoid main character. Her friend, Yoko (Anna Nagata), receives a bizarre call. The phone’s read-out says the call came from Yoko’s own phone and projects three days into the future. Three days later after the strange phone call, Yoko dies in an accident only seconds after getting the same call. Yumi notices that Yoko wasn’t the only one who had experienced this and learns that an evil and powerful spirit of a woman is creeping into people’s phones and taking their lives. Yumi tries to solve this mystery only to find that there is more than there seems to be.


R (for violence, disturbing images, and brief nudity)



Horror and mystery


One Missed Call is a movie filled with suspense, horror, and mystery. The original film, in my opinion, is much better that the remake because the remake is just basically the same thing as the original but leaving out the “non-important” parts of the story. – Melissa L. from The Pitchfork

“A prolonged, maddening, predictable — yet curiously pleasurable — descent into incomprehensibility.”- Ron Stringer from L.A. Weekly

“One Missed Call staggers under the weight of its director’s taste for baroque excess.”- Dana Stevens from New York Times



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